A home DIY project from Modern Me

Kids missing out on their technology lessons at school? Peckham Levels Member Modern Me (otherwise known as Martin!) is here to help us #stayINspired with a simple step-by-step DIY project to have a go at…

How to make a candle holder.

Step One, gather all your equipment!

For this project, you will need:

  • Hand saw
  • A piece of timber
  • A square
  • 38mm flat bit
  • Compass
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Wood plane
  • A drill
  • Sand paper

Step Two, cut your timber to size, 380mm long by 70mm wide.

Step Three, starting from the centre and working out, use the compass or tape measure to mark your candle dips, 65mm apart.

Step Four, draw a pencil line 15mm down on your drill bit. This will be your depth mark when drilling the holes.

Step Five, drill five holes on your marks, to the depth mark on the drill bit.

Step Six, use the wood plane to chamfer the sides of the block (rounding the corners).

Step Seven, take a piece of sandpaper and rub the hole block over to clean it up and make it smooth all over.

Step Eight, add tea light candles and enjoy!

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