Kingston Kigali: Bringing vegan African & Caribbean inspired dishes to Peckham Levels

Kingston Kigali

The newest addition to our food kiosks on Level 6 are Kingston Kigali! Meet Stacey and Salma, the faces behind this incredibly tasty vegan menu. Starting life as a pop up in and around SE15, Kingston Kigali have now made Peckham Levels their home and their spicy vegan dishes are already going down a storm….

Stacey & Salma of Kingston Kigali

Where does the name ‘Kingston Kigali’ come from?

The name is inspired by locations: Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, Kigali is the capital of Rwanda. Although Jamaican cuisine is very common in the UK, Stacey tells us that Rwandan food is hard to find – despite being delicious.

When did Kingston Kigali’s vegan journey begin?

In 2016, Stacey’s Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer and sadly passed away. At the time, her family became obsessed with holistic health and the power of food to heal your body. They decided to ditch the meat and go vegan – but their own way. Stacey found that there weren’t enough exciting vegan street food options available, so they started to create their own.

I quit my day job in marketing and started Kingston Kigali last year, doing pop ups around Brockley & Peckham, then I decided to bring my best pal Salma along for the ride. Believe it or not, I couldn’t cook a single thing 10 years ago, me and Salma lived off noodles at uni! But my mum is a chef and she is very much involved in the brand behind the scenes. When I really got into cooking vegan food, I would always post them on my insta stories, then people kept asking me if they could try some – which is when I thought of doing this on a serious level.

Stacey, Founder of Kingston Kigali

What can you expect from the Kingston Kigali menu?

Our food is just banging! From the coconut curry chickpeas, to the jerk lentil stew and our signature KK burger. Ever since we opened here at Peckham Levels, we have people messaging us daily on Instagram about our KK platters and our KK burger! Our Mac & Cheese is also a best seller. Oh! And I can’t forget my mother’s homemade samosas. 

Stacey, Founder of Kingston Kigali

Come and try their food next time you’re visiting Peckham Levels.