hyperexponential at Peckham Levels

Led by two actuaries with computer science degrees, we are a collection of engineering and mathematical modelling enthusiasts who love to push the boundaries.

hx combines deep, practical actuarial pricing experience with first-class software engineering expertise. It’s a combination we’re using to help our clients solve some of the thorniest pricing problems facing the speciality insurance market.

The co-founders came from senior positions in the insurance industry with CVs that span more than two decades and three continents. Their time in the corporate world, where they were ultimately responsible for designing and rolling out an entire ecosystem of pricing and analytical models, told them the industry standard solutions weren’t fit for purpose. Software could be smarter, more user-friendly and agile. Data could be leveraged more intelligently. Repetitive but important work could be automated.

So they quit their jobs and set out to create the kind of software they wished existed and they know their customers needed.

The result is hx and our next generation modelling platform, reNew.

Following the government’s latest advice on COVID19, it is with a heavy heart that in addition to fully closing our doors to the public, your local food traders will now be ceasing all food deliveries until further notice.

This is a difficult time for many, including our project and the 162 small, independent & incredible businesses who call Peckham Levels home. We will be looking at ways in which we can continue to give them the platform they need during this uncertain period. By following us on our socials or signing up to our newsletter, we can collectively look at ways to support Members and local traders.

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