Anastasya Martynova at Peckham Levels

Anastasya Martynova is a London-based, multidisciplinary artist specialising in wood carving and gilding.

Her practice involves primarily working in wood and glass, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques in wood carving and reverse-glass gilding, to create contemporary pieces of art.


After a long background in art direction for the BBC, Anastasya was drawn away to the magical world of Craft. She transforms natural, raw materials into pieces that tell a story. Currently her focus is on working in wood; experimenting with scale and subverting familiar shapes to create a tactile, somewhat surreal experience. In her work, Anastasya is also exploring how traditional techniques and craftsmanship can be used in a contemporary way to reignite interest in age old techniques.

She says, “Through my work I hope to reignite interest in these age-old crafts by demonstrating that a traditional approach to technique and craftsmanship, blended with the exciting developments in technology and materials can create unexpected and beautiful results.”