CP Advisory Service at Peckham Levels

CP Advisory Service provides advice, information and guidance to people in areas such as benefits, tax, social housing, education and training course.

CP Advisory Service is offering chargeable service that provide advice and information in English and Spanish regarding the following topics:

  • Welfare Benefits – i.e. Housing & Council Tax Benefits, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Child Benefit, Pension Credit, State Pension, Universal Credit.
  • Information and support to register on the Housing List.
  • Tax issues.
  • Debts – mainly regarding rent arrears, council tax arrears, and bills (to negotiate a payment plan).
  • To advise people entering into education and training course.

The Story

This service is created in response to the growing demand in the London Borough of Southwark and it immediate environs for a Latin Americans focused in welfare benefit service which will best deal with their peculiar issues and challenges.

The People

I have over ten  years’ experience of successfully delivering a high quality service as a welfare benefits  adviser to a large number of both EU and non-EU migrants in UK.

Why Peckham?

I have lived and worked in Peckham for many years and see myself as part and parcel of the community.  I love Peckham and I like to shows case the facilities available in the area.  As a paying user of the facility, I will be making a contribution to the regeneration of the area. I also feel that this project will give an opportunity to many people who want to start their own business.

Your hopes for Peckham Levels?

Moving to Peckham Levels is part of my overall business strategy to grow my business. I want to expand my services to include advice on immigration service next year. Using Peckham levels will attract a good foot flow to the area because of the nature of the service I deliver.  This will mean that other businesses can indirectly benefit from my services as well.