The Reasons Why Foundation at Peckham Levels

The Reasons Why Foundation was set up by Roger Blackman to provide holistic, user-led support for people involved in crime, to help them learn new ways of thinking and behaving – In the hope that they will turn away from their old lifestyle choices.

Currently based in Lambeth, the team are working towards their second site within Peckham Levels.“By joining the PL community, we will work hard to collaborate with others to add value to other’s businesses wherever plausible and to improve our own services.” 

Over the last 5 years, they have supported over 350 people across 16 London Boroughs and have a recidivism rate of under 5%. They have worked in 2 London prisons and have partnered with the DWP with satisfying outcomes. As they move into Peckham Levels their team will grow as they work towards new programmes and additional activites.

How do you support people with convictions around London? 

By providing pre-employment, life skills training and counselling, along with specialist mentoring to deliver an individual support solution for each of the people we work with. We aim to break the cycle of re-offending and avoid initial offending, reducing crime and increasing social cohesion to create safer communities. We utilise reformed ex-offenders’ experiences and skills to help offenders and those at risk of offending to be empowered to change their own lives and make positive choices for their futures.