Women Who Slay at Peckham Levels

‘Women Who Slay’ is a female empowerment brand created in October 2018 by mother and daughter team, qualified NLP Life Coach Syianne Raemond and Personal style, Lifestyle blogger & Mental Health Manager Sasha Shantel.

The pair joined Peckham Levels last year as part of their award winning online positive lifestyle magazine In-spire LS. However, due to a number of unforeseen circumstances they had to walk away from the brand. At the time, it would have been easier to give up and call it a day after investing 8 years into the brand. However, the duo brainstormed ideas of what venture they would like to launch next. Both women had an immense passion for empowering and inspiring others; Syianne through life coaching and Sasha through her work in mental health supporting those who were battling with mental health and drug and alcohol issues. The two had a joint passion for inspiring and empowering women around them in their day to day lives and launching a new website where they could empower and inspire women with resources in the form of e-books, articles and printables was what they agreed would be their next venture and within two months ‘Women Who Slay’ was born.

Sasha Shantel is now training to become a Life Coach herself, will be running free, and paid coaching sessions along with Syianne to the local and wider community.

The duo have a great deal planned over the coming months including interviewing female powerhouses from the worlds of work, business and entertainment as well as launching their inspirational podcast for women who strive to excel in Life, Business & Career ‘The Women Who Slay Podcast’ and expanding the women who slay shop which sells motivational and empowering merchandise.

Their mission is to create a community of power women who support one another on their chosen path; whatever that path may be.

They want to do this build a thriving squad of ‘no limits’ women.  Fear-less in achieving their goals and living their best lives NOW!

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