A Made Youth Market success story: SHA Butter

2019 has been a busy year for Make Shift Foundation.

The Make Shift Foundation held their first Made Youth Market at Peckham Levels on 31st August, bringing together local young entrepreneurs to sell their wares in our basement. Since then it has grown into a thriving market of young makers and creators.

We caught up with one such entrepreneur, Travisha Ebanks (founder of SHA Butter, an organic whipped body and hair butter).

1. When did you first hear about the Made Youth Market at Peckham Levels?

I attended ERIC Festival at Pop Brixton in July and saw an advert at the back of the events magazine and thought this would be a great opportunity for me to push my product – SHA Butter

2. What encouraged you to get involved and take a stall at the market?

After graduating in summer 2018 I looked for jobs in the creative industry and felt that I couldn’t find a role that best suited me. The Made Youth Market provided an opportunity for me to push myself into the unknown and have different interactions with people that I wouldn’t be able to get through selling online. 

The Made Youth Market helps me to improve my product, as well as meeting other creatives whom I can bounce ideas off.

3. What was your experience on the day of your first Made Youth Market?

At first I was a bit nervous because doing a market was a new experience! But I enjoyed it because I had an opportunity to share something I am passionate about with others. I was surprised at the success of my product, and the customers’ positive responses to SHA Butter. 

I also enjoyed working alongside other young traders, as talking to them I was able to share knowledge as well as creating supportive friendships with other local entrepreneurs.

4. How did you then get your products stocked in LEVELSIX Yoga?

At the first Made Youth Market, Woody from LEVELSIX Yoga came along and purchased a SHA Butter. At the next Made Youth Market at Peckham Levels, he bought another one and gave great feedback on what he thought about my product – he thought their yoga customers would love it. We came to an agreement and now SHA Butter is stocked at LEVELSIX Yoga!

5. What are your ambitions for SHA Butter?

I aim to share my product with individuals who are not aware of simple skin and hair care. People who like to know what’s in the products they use on their skin. Opening up a space where people can take pleasure in taking care of themselves – in such a busy world.

I want to eventually get my product into more spaces like LEVELSIX Yoga and shops. And perhaps even create a campaign around the brand that can lead to workshops about handmade cosmetics.  

6. What are your top tips for a fellow young entrepreneur?

I would say find unique selling point (USP) and keeping pushing with that idea – even though you may feel others are doing similar things. If there is something different about your idea, that will make others love it. 

If you would like to support Travisha and her business, shop now via Etsy, or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

The next Made Youth Market will be held on Saturday 14th December here at Peckham Levels. Come along to find out more, chat to local young entrepreneurs and support their business ventures.

Made Youth Market
Made Youth Market