A Tale of Empowerment | The Fandangoe Kid

It is with excitement that we welcome The Fandangoe Kid back to Peckham Levels to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day.

If you paid us a visit during our launch weekend, you will have witnessed the infamous Fandangoe Kid pasting-up one of her narratives, a tale of love and loss and saying f**k it to mediocre dating, inspiring us all to say what we truly want.


As part of International Women’s Day 2018, The Fandangoe Kid will be bringing a Tale of Empowerment to our Peckham Levels Alleyway. This multi-coloured installation is based on the “warrior women” who surrounded the artist growing up, making it the perfect way to celebrate not only #IWD but also this coming Mother’s Day.

“I normally make work that aims to be gender neutral in its approach but given the occasion, it felt appropriate to focus on the sisterhood!”

“I’m interested in strength and how it manifests itself, and the power of showing vulnerability, something I have had to learn. Having had a very strong patriarchal figure as a father, a boxer and a gangster, who ended up with 3 daughters, he told us we were ‘bulletproof’ growing up, teaching us how to box and generally be tough as fuck. With the loss of both parents and a sister, I’ve had to unlearn many of these things and realise that true strength is in honesty and open communication and taking responsibility for your feelings and associated behaviour.”

And that’s not all, the second piece going up on Thursday consists of a series of more complex tales around love, loss and survival, tying in with the artists ongoing documentary project with photographer and filmmaker Tara Darby.

“In 2015, Tara and I shot a documentary with my dad, who was dying of terminal cancer, looking at the loss of the love of his life, my mother, and his daughter, my sister, in an accident in 2011. Tara and I wish to challenge typically taboo subjects such as death and loss and create a platform for less traditional dialogues around this subject to be heard.”

Before the duo put out their feature length documentary into the world, they want to make a series of short anecdotal films looking at the ‘my family story’, but hopefully with a wider universal scope and accessibility around the following subject matters:

DANCE and movement as ritual: having a morning dance is something I have done since the loss of my family and movement is essential to my processes for handling pain and loss. Working with Housewarmers, we have cut a short film that we’ll incorporate with this paste up, using music by good friends The Golden Filter.

MASCULINITY and the pressures on the alpha male, looking at an anecdotal tale of a male role within a family and how expectations placed upon you based on gender can be really powerful and overwhelming, the reality around this idea of ‘strength’ being very different.

FEMININITY and SEXUALITY and deciding how to navigate the world according to strong female role models who mould you. Deciding which elements of your lost loves’ legacy to carry forward and make your own.

Join us next Thursday from 10am at Peckham Levels, and capture this wonder women at work.