About Us

Peckham Levels is home to seven floors with over 100 local and independent businesses, backing creatives of all industries; from magazines to jewellery designers, coding academies, social enterprises, screenprinters, ceramicists, and food and drink start-ups.

Peckham Levels was founded by Make Shift, a team of socially minded creators, makers, entrepreneurs and doers who champion collaboration, drive progress and see it as their duty to bring prosperity to local communities through enterprise.  

Carl Turner Architects are the designers of Peckham Levels.



Creating change through local enterprise

Peckham Levels is a project that gives local talent access to the space they need to create thriving enterprises.

With nearly 100 independent creative businesses housed in the building, we’re on a mission to keep Peckham local.


levels 5 & 6

Our public areas are found on Levels 5 & 6 and are home to bars, cafés and street food kiosks as well as a yoga studio and a hair salon.

We focus on small, owner-operated businesses that support local people through employment and training opportunities.

Levels 5 & 6 are also home to a rolling programme of exhibitions, installations and events commissioned from local creatives and artists. You can find out more about what’s on here.

Print Space

levels 1 - 4

Levels 1 – 4 are the beating heart of Peckham Levels. Home to our co-working space, The Ramp, along with over 80 independent businesses.

Each single studio’s footprint is based on one of the building’s original parking spaces and the wide open corridors follow the former car park’s layout.

Levels 1 – 4 are home to a wide variety of businesses from jewellers and artists to social enterprises and a community dance group. Our Members create a huge range of products in the space – everything from violins and violas to interactive light installations.

a platform for local talent to access the space they need to create thriving enterprises.

towards inclusive regeneration

We believe that thriving enterprises, powered by the talent of local people, can help to strengthen resilience and build capacity in communities. But space is hard to come by, particularly for early-stage businesses that can’t afford sky-high rents.

Peckham Levels has been designed as part of the solution to this problem. By repurposing an existing building and retro-fitting it with small, accessible studio spaces, we keep our rents within reach of smaller businesses.

Before we started the project, we listened to local people’s needs and have reflected those in the studio and office spaces we’ve created, giving them a voice in the redevelopment of an important community asset.

Peckham Levels is part of Make Shift, a platform for local talent to access the space, network and investment they need to create thriving enterprises. Together, we strengthen resilience and build capacity in our communities.

Southwark council

Peckham Levels is a joint venture between Make Shift and Southwark Council, who own and maintain the Peckham Town Centre Multi Storey Car Park as an Asset of Community Value.