alteredstates/alteredscapes at Peckham Levels

Two photographers, Natalie Christensen and Jim Eyre, living in different parts of the world, Santa Fe, New Mexico and London, UK, come together in this collaboration through Instagram called alteredstates/alteredscapes. Join us for the opening weekend!

After meeting two years ago on Instagram, artists Christensen and Eyre have created alteredstates/alteredscapes, a photographic exhibition that explores the impact of social media on the creativity of artists and how we experience art in the

digital age. The exhibit uses manipulated images made from the individual photographs of each artist as well as a projection showing how the images are constructed.

Join us on Friday 9th February from 6pm as we celebrate the opening of alteredstates/alteredscapes.

Jim Eyre is a London-based photographer and creative director. Natalie Christensen is a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based photographer

and psychotherapist. Signed single edition prints will be offered for sale through @minimalzine and produced by loveurope.

In support of the members involved in Peckham Levels, a Q&A and photo walk will be held on Saturday 10th February @ 2pm supported by 3rd Rail Print Space and The Bright Rooms. In an exciting addition to the collaboration, Artur McClean, a leading voice in the minimal art scene and founder of

Minimal Zine, will be showcasing the work to the world in an exclusive Instagram takeover and in the first ever print edition of its Zine. To accompany the collaboration, a Q&A session will take place with Christensen and Eyre, and will be facilitated by McClean.

Jim and Natalie will be discussing their inspiration for their photographic collaboration that explores the impact of social media on the creativity of artists.

After the Q&A there will be a photo walk with Eyre, Christensen and McClean around Peckham Levels and the first 20 photographers will receive a disposable film camera for image making! Films will be

processed by The Bright Rooms, London’s new home for photography in Peckham Levels. The images will be judged and winning images will be posted on Instagram to an audience of over 185,000!

Standard Vision | Downtown Los Angeles

As of this morning, the work is being featured over in the sunshine state California.

“I am so excited to announce that a collaboration I have been working on with @jimeyrejimeyrejimeyre is showing on the @standardvision screen in downtown Los Angeles! The collaboration is called alteredstates/alteredscapes and is about how social media impacts the creative process for artists. Check out the link in my bio for our interview on @standardvision Labs. Huge thanks to @casualtimetraveler Sinziana Velicescu for inviting us to do an artist takeover and to @sjcroak Sarah Croak

for getting it up on the screen! We will be showing this work at an exhibition opening the 9th of February at @peckhamlevels in London. The incredible Artur McClean of @minimalzine will also be in attendance and he has some exciting things planned to go along with the exhibition. We would love to see you there! Lots more to come about this event, including sneak peeks of our collaboration! Watch this space! #alteredstatesalteredscapes” @natalie_santafe