Geraldine, a Member of Levels since its inception, founded Jewelfish after working in the jewellery industry and developing her own skills in different aspects of jewellery making. Now, Geraldine designs her own pieces, whilst providing a jewellery repair and commission service from her studio at Peckham Levels.

Photography by Mash Mirza

What motivated you to start Jewelfish?

Whilst working in other jewellery businesses since graduating I thought for a number of years I would at some point have my own startup. 

I was designing and making more pieces outside of my day job as well as developing my ideas. Suddenly the opportunity to have my own space to evolve presented itself, which I grabbed, and made this a reality.

What are your sources of inspiration? 

Looking at seeds when cooking or  planting vegetables on my allotment gave me ideas for some of my designs. I love art and design in general so a decorative piece in a museum could also be the starting point of a design, even the stories and history surrounding the object.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement to date?

That’s tricky as there’s no one thing, perhaps I’m still waiting. But memorably in my wider career working for others I made a pearl necklace and earrings for Judi Dench in Skyfall three times (for different filming locations) and caught a glimpse of them for a second! Another is making wedding bands for some lovely couples and seeing photos of their big day.

What is your best selling item of Jewellery?

My arrowhead seed bangle in men’s and women’s sizes is popular.

Are there any resources / groups / platforms you’d recommend which have been helpful to you along the way?

www.benchpeg.com, a go to magazine page for all sectors of the jewellery industry keeps you up to date on opportunities, exhibitions, trends and more. It realistically displays the current state of the trade for all those considering joining it as topics also focus on the difficulties of this sector. 

In addition Contemporary Applied Arts and the Crafts Council cover different disciplines within making but can be equally relevant.

And lastly at some point, at least in your early career, it’s always useful to work for others in your chosen field as this gives you an invaluable insight and opens up different ways of thinking as you discover more.

Is there anything you are currently working on that we should keep and eye out for?

I’m designing and making cufflinks in collaboration with a shirt maker, Cadoris, something which I’ve really enjoyed as well as seeing the beautiful garments. I’m also creating a men’s jewellery collection with pieces which can be worn by women too, as some girlfriends have reliably informed me.

Have a look at the incredible designs Jewelfish London create: https://www.jewelfish.london