If you haven’t already – meet Khloé, General Manager at Peckham Levels and founder of storytelling platform PRIM. We spoke to Khloé about their work in the queer Black community, life at Peckham Levels and more!

You run a storytelling platform, PRIM, and OKHA, a queer, Black book club – how did both of these platforms come into being?

PRIM is a digital platform for storytelling. The focus is to make stories by African, Caribbean and Afro-Latinx fam available and readily accessible. It was born out of not seeing enough queer stories and generally stories of people of Black ancestry. I was fed up with being given the same 10 or so authors every Black History Month – it just felt rude, but you can’t expect publishing houses who don’t care, to care more about Black British people, we have to do it ourselves. Ultimately, PRIM aims to showcase the varying mediums used for storytelling, created and told by people I resonate most with.

What benefits do you think the platform brings to queer Black people? 

Community. More than anything, seeing your community, having a space to come together with your community and meeting new people who you can connect with most. In the Queer community there is so much put up against you, especially if you are trans, especially if your socio-economic background has created limitations for you in education, in access, in networks. PRIM wants to create a space to remove barriers and connect these people through their community.  

What Black-British authors do you recommend we check out?

Bernadine Evaristo has become personal favourite of mine – I resonated with her book Girl, Woman, Other deeply. David Olusoga’s book Black and British is an education for me so far, would encourage everyone to grab it and learn from it. And the visionary that created Nudi Branch, Irenosen Okojie is a must read.

You’ve also been DJing under the name DRYBABE – what made you want to start DJing and what type of music do you like to play? 

Just the vibe you can create really. It’s honestly such warm energy being at an event and playing tunes people appreciate.

Having been the GM at Peckham Levels for almost 2 years now – what would you say it is about the project that you’re most proud of?

Seeing the members connect, and learning from them. I think the project is a great place for Southwark residents, being able to be close to home and to do the work you love is amazing. 

Where do you want to see Peckham Levels in 2 years from now?

Growing and Thriving. I want to see a site that is as representative of the community as it can be and contributing fully to the local community as well as its Members.