Sasha Bennett is one of the founders of Women Who Slay – a female coaching and empowerment brand that helps bad ass women everywhere to excel in life, business and career. Sasha has been a Member at Peckham Levels since 2018 and has successfully delivered workshops, training and more for women everywhere. 

Here we discussed her journey to opening Women Who Slay and top tips for women in business! 

What personal experiences led you to start the company?

Syianne and I ran an online magazine named In-spire LS Magazine for 8 years. It was a massive part of our lives and it shaped most aspects of our social life also. So when the magazine ended abruptly in 2018, it really hit us hard and for a period of time, we didn’t know what else to do. Syianne had trained to be a Life coach a number of years prior and had always tried to encourage me to follow suit.

At a time when I needed direction, I enrolled onto a course to become a certified coach and realised I had found my calling. In just a few days after making the decision to launch a life-coaching brand, we came up with a name, logo and a mission statement. From there things have naturally flown ever since.

Life coaching is perfect for us because it is based on forward action. We slumped for a while after our magazine ended but life coaching helped us to get back up and transform our lives. 

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing black women in business today?

In all honesty, the biggest challenge we have faced as a black women in this line of business is that it has proven difficult to get women of different races to invest in our services. They assume that because we are a black owned brand, we only offer our mindset and transformational coaching services to black women when on the contrary, our services are open and available to all women from diverse walks of life.

We noticed this most when we participated in the ‘Open Studios’ event at Peckham Levels. Many women looked in through the door yet felt apprehensive to enter and had to be invited. Whilst women of colour walked in with ease. We take this as a positive challenge though as it encourages us to push that more harder. 

For someone interested in starting their own business, what are the first three steps you suggest they take?

1. Be clear on what your business is about.

It’s so important that you are clear on what your brand is about, what it’s mission is and who it is aimed at. We knew from the outset what we wanted and it’s really helped going forward. Also, have a business plan that is flexible and adaptable to changes. There will be loads of those along the way. 

2. Get the branding right

I knew I wanted baby pink for the brand and it took a little time to convince Syianne but I loved how clean and fresh it was. We have a signature look, a distinctive name and a unique logo.  

3. Buy your domain!

As soon as you decide on your name, get online and check that the domain is available and purchase it asap.

Who has been your biggest inspiration and how have they motivated you through difficult times?

We are our own inspiration. As a family, we have gone through our share of challenges but we never give up and when we get knocked down, we always find a way to get back up again. 

Are you currently working on any projects that we should keep an eye out for?

We are currently working on the launch of our monthly membership programme No Limits which you can register interest in now, a series of personal and professional development bundles that will be sold through our online shop and our FREE 5 day coaching challenge launch.

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