Bright Rooms: A New Hub For Analog Photography

Their successful Kickstarter has now come to an end and this week the team behind Bright Rooms will begin building their 21st century darkroom.

The darkroom will include spacious private working stations, a custom built developing and washing area and a large area for cutting or organising negatives or hand developing film, brand new drying racks and all the other

hardware essential you would expect from a 21st century darkroom.

With very few photographers making prints we want to make sure there is always a creative space for the darkroom print.

Our members make the Bright Rooms brighter.

The affordable darkroom will allow members to grow within a community of photographers and printers. We are here to provide you with a professional, accessible, informed experience. We want the Bright

Rooms to promote intergenerational sharing of knowledge by providing excellent facilities that excite newcomers and professional practitioners alike.

The Bright Rooms will foster a community and support its members, giving access to both the hardware and the know how

Learn to print by hand! Our darkroom is being carefully designed for ease of use. It will be beautifully built and capable of producing any size print.

They’ll be using…

The space will now incorporate a studio for hire as well as darkroom so it will be a full 360 service space from the shoot through to the prints and digital scan. Their mailing list is

now up and running via their website so you can register your interest there www.thebrightrooms.com