As we approach Peckham Levels’ 3rd birthday, we want to pay homage to the Members, cultural organisations and creative contributors, who we have collaborated with over the years. They have used their unique skills and talent to help establish, grow and nurture the cultural side of Peckham Levels.  


Peckham Levels is home to some of the most diverse and creative businesses in South London. This range of businesses working together organically, has created an inclusive space for culture and enterprise to thrive. We enable talent and ambition to flourish, with the aim to reflect the diversity, character and spirit of Peckham’s neighbourhood. 

Alongside these Members, there has also been a whole host of groups and individuals from the local community who have been integral in shaping the project and have made Peckham Levels the creative and innovative hub it is today. 

Whilst Peckham Levels can offer the space, resources and the platform, the stars of the show are without doubt our local partners and Members, who are at the forefront as champions of individuality. 

We’re very proud to be home to some incredible creative and cultural organisations including artists, sculptors, designers, architects, photographers, charities, film makers, musicians and more.

Mandisa, founder of Stuff n Fings
 @lauren4rch at Foundation.fm

You can find out more about them and other enterprises here.

Not only have these businesses and individuals created opportunities for the local economy but they have been integral to safeguarding some of Peckham’s local culture.

Whilst we cannot go back to normal just yet, the pandemic has made us sit back and reflect on some of the most recent collaborations that have taken place on site, including a range of cultural workshops, events, classes, markets and development programmes. 

Last year we held around 78 free live music events, 208 free local community events/classes, 36 craft markets, 52 enterprise and education related events, along with regular on-going development programmes.


In 2019 we hosted some 78 free, live music events in collaboration with hundreds of local artists, musicians, DJs, dancers and poets – some of whom used Peckham Levels as their stage to perform in front of a crowd for the very first time. Local organisations across Southwark have been able to book rehearsal, training and performance space for free at Peckham Levels from which they can truly nurture local talent. 

One of our most recent events was curated by the creative arts and music center for young people and adults, Raw Materials. The live music sessions brought South London’s finest, young performers into the spotlight to grace us with their raw talent. We were first introduced to Raw Materials in 2018 by providing free event space and use of equipment to facilitate these purpose-led and inspiring nights.

RAW TIMES Photography by Yaneva Santana at Peckham Levels

Raw Materials not only curate performances at Peckham Levels, they offer training and development programmes including courses in music business, graphic design and videography. You can learn more about them here.

Another Peckham Levels favorite was the jam packed Fireball Sessions. Fireball Sessions is a project that represents and gives a platform to local talent that may not have had the best opportunities previously to perform live. 

Fireball Sessions Photography by Jack Davis at Peckham Levels

Founder MckNasty’s collaborative nature and electric enthusiasm lay down the foundation for a musical space, which is enriched by a passion for the South London community. In creating this space, MckNasty set out to find a venue that would facilitate and reflect the ethos of Fireball Sessions, and with an emphasis on collective creativity, he sought out Peckham Levels for that exact vibe. 

The Creative Society have also graced our auditorium with nights filled with eclectic performances including, live music, film screenings  and exhibitions – free events hosted by South London’s very own Slam the Poet.

Photographs from The Creative Society, www.twitter.com/creativesoc

We have also been lucky enough to regularly host one of South London’s best Latin American events – Movimientos featuring live performances, playing the sounds of live bands and Latin-orientated music and dance.

Movimientos, Photography by Yaneva Santana at Peckham Levels

It’s local events, community partnerships and Members like these that are the heart of Peckham Levels – a space in which culture and enterprise can thrive.

Whilst our doors currently remain closed due to COVID-19, we look forward to hosting an even more diverse and varied calendar of collaborations and events in 2021 as soon as we are able to reopen.