Dreaming Whilst Black

Dreaming Whilst Black is a new mini comedy series from Peckham Levels Residents, 4Quarter Films.

Dissatisfied with his work, Kwabena risks everything in order to make his dreams come true. As he makes his break out short film, he struggles to balance work, friends and his relationship. This struggle is compounded by the pressure from his family to gain financial stability. During this journey Kwabena has to ask himself, “What am I willing to sacrifice for my dreams?” and “Are these sacrifices worth it?”

The show is one of the first oeuvres the company will be presenting. “It was an amazing show to be part of. For us, having a show that portrays diversity is what we are all about since our directors have such diverse backgrounds. We were incredibly lucky to work with amazing talent and crew that understood that and helped us bring this vision to life” – Director and CEO of 4Quarter Films, Natasha Jatania.

The show has some great talent attached to it such as award-winning directors Laura Seixas, Maximillian Evans, Natasha Jatania, Tomisin Adepeju and Peckham Levels studio member Adjani Salmon. It also stars actresses Vanessa Vanderpuye and Dani Moseley. The creator, Adjani Salmon explains that his “frustration in only seeing all white shows, or shows where minorities characters are portrayed in crippling poverty or as criminals, led (him) to want to create a different narrative. One of a young black man who is just trying to make his way in the world” which he believes “is the majority of us”. It is a show that everyone who struggled to fit in can relate to.

Watch the trailer now and check out episodes 1 and 2 over on YouTube. We already can’t wait to tune in to the next 3 episodes dropping this Sunday. The show is also expected to be followed by a festival circuit and an university tour in the UK, plus we’ve got a very special screening in the pipeline…watch this space!