Introducing Fireball Sessions


These three words best describe what you can expect from a Fireball Sessions event. On the first Thursday of the month at Peckham Levels, there will be an array of artists, musicians and creatives, collectively bringing good vibes, great music, and an unmistakable experience. We’ve already had live jamming sessions from the likes of Rosie Lowe, Leon Jacques, Joseph Lawrence + the Garden, and Effie, and have a host of many more to come for the keen ears of South London. 

So, what are the Fireball Sessions?

Fireball Sessions is a project that represents and gives a stage to the talent that may not have had the opportunity before. It is MckNasty’s collaborative nature and electric enthusiasm that lays down the foundation for a musical space such as Fireball Sessions, which is enriched by a passion for the South London community. Imagine a mix of improvisation; from DJs to live music, Fireball Sessions builds a hype around emerging artists. 

In creating this space, MckNasty set out to find a venue that would facilitate and reflect the ethos of Fireball Sessions, and with an emphasis on collective creativity, he sought out Peckham Levels for that exact vibe.

And so, a partnership was born

Peckham is a booming hub of diversity and culture, and with music at its epicentre, the community is quickly becoming the core voice of the South London creative scene, drawing audiences far and wide. However, MckNasty is keeping it humble by purposefully giving a platform to both unheard and established artists, so as the event grows it remains connected to its roots. 

Equally this series of events provides opportunities for the newcomers to meet with those who are more critically acclaimed, trading knowledge and opening up a musical dialogue in a venture to breakdown the creative hierarchy. This is why MckNasty chose Peckham Levels; a shared ethos that aims to provide an enriching platform for the purpose of exchanging energy between artist and audience.

The #FBSFam is growing stronger, and with Peckham Levels providing the space for it to thrive, you must make sure to join in and become a part of it. 

Fireball Sessions will occur on the first Thursday of every month in the Auditorium, from 8pm til close.