Making Peckham Levels a home for your business.

One of the things you hear small business owners say the most is: “My business is my baby.” If that is the case, then what better home to care for new-born than one full of creativity and collaboration?

Peckham Levels is home to hundreds of businesses at all different stages of growth. But as new parents and business owners alike can relate, there will be tons of early mornings and sleepless nights. Which is why

the home you raise a child in needs to be a place you can kick back, relax and get comfortable. And here are three reasons, why you should consider making Peckham Levels your new business abode.

A painter, a lawyer and a coder all walk into a bar. This could be the start of a joke, but really it is just a part of life here at Peckham Levels. The diverse range of industries that are in our building could be a punchline, or it could be the next step for your business. Making playdates for the kids might be difficult on the playground, but not here. We organise monthly socials for our members and friends to come by and share a cheeky pint or cup of tea. Many members share skills and team up for collaborations. From creatives to innovators, our members have a large array of skills across loads of industries. So if you are looking for a place where you can make new friends and connections to help grow your business, this is the place for you.

your fear of spiders is still VERY REAL). For many, that could be learning to speak publicly or give a talk. (Public speaking is still one of the nation’s highest rated fears, following heights and snakes.) And with that in mind. We have an auditorium and projector you can use to practice iff you need to face those fears and take the mic. We have plenty of community open mic nights to get your feet wet. Or if you want to get in the zone, you can at least walk through what it’s like to be onstage.

We help you to put the brave in bravery. Being a small business owner means doing some funky things you may have never done before, which can be very scary (like when your children take to collecting bugs and you have to somehow get into it, even though

If two trains leave the station at the same time, but one train is travelling at… Figuring out VAT and filing taxes might be difficult, especially while looking for an office space that is actually within your budget. But allow us to alleviate the headache for you. We offer a discounted rate on space and a fair price on offices per square foot. Businesses have quite a few start-up costs (aka who knew nappies would be so expensive?) which is why Peckham Levels offers a price that new businesses can actually afford.

If you are ready to join a network that can make play dates fun and collaborative. Or if you want to test yourself and build your skills while you are building your business, then Peckham Levels is the place for you. We are

always looking for members of the community to be members of our car park collective. Bring your business and your family here and we will see that everyone can sleep easier.