Meet The Team – Barber + Blow.

We’re excited to introduce the lovely team behind Barber + Blow, one of our newest Members here at Peckham Levels. Jay and Cait are the heart and soul of the salon and are there daily to sort out your every (hair-related) need!

Tell us a bit about yourselves, where you’re from and what you do at Barber and Blow:  

: “Born in Gauteng, South Africa. I have lived in England for the last 10 years. I am a short hair specialist but I am too trained in longer hair. I focus on making the haircut experience an enjoyable one and ensure a safe space for all humans. I enjoy the odd skateboard session, gym(once a week) and will be heading back to martial arts soon. In ten years I hope to have a shack on a beach somewhere doing shaves for locals and tourists.”

Cait: “I am the long-haired stylist at Barber + Blow Peckham levels. I was born in Bow, East London.” 

How did you get started working in the industry? 

Jay: “I’ve cut my own and my friends’ hair from my early teens and then Around 13 years ago I finished studying photography to then be nudged by my brother’s partner at the time, to go into hairdressing by doing a 3 year apprenticeship with Carlton International. I left after qualifying as a stylist to then concentrate on short hair as well as traditional barbering. I then moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town. After that I soon realised I wanted to move to the U.K. and be a barber full time. I then worked in Camden in a traditional barbershop involving all aspects of male grooming as well as a specialist in rockers hair.”

Cait: “I’ve always been very interested in hair, even from my early teenage years I was always looking in magazines and online at hair and fashion.

I started my hair career in Canary Wharf, I completed my training and stayed at the same salon for over ten years. After that salon closed I worked for myself for a couple of years before I joined the Barber + Blow team in June 2021. After all of the lockdowns, I am loving being back on the shop floor!”

Tell us a bit about your connections to South London? 

Jay: “My mother was born in Bromley and I’ve lived south for around 3 and a half years in Forest hill and Camberwell.”

Cait: “Born and bred in East London, I spent lots of time south of the river growing up!”

What are your favorite things about working in Peckham Levels? 

Jay: “There’s such a feeling of community and Ubuntu (Zulu: togetherness) I feel at home here as it seems everyone bounces off each other’s creative vibrations.”

Cait: “Peckham Levels is great and I really love working here. There is a real sense of community, all the people are great, and I feel so welcome and happy to be a part of it.”

What can customers expect from Barber and Blow and what services can they enjoy?

Jay: “A relaxed, personal experience, quality haircut and some interesting chat. All topped of with a refreshment of sorts. Soon to add wet shaves and hot towels to our experiences.”