081 Pizzeria at Peckham Levels

081 Pizzeria presents a new age generation of Neapolitan pizza and Napoli-style tapas, offering a contemporary twist whilst promising artisanal, authentic Italian cuisine using only the finest quality of ingredients.

081 Pizzeria is South East London’s newest and coolest authentic Neapolitan pizza spot. Foodies can flock to Peckham this summer to get their Neapolitan pizza fix and discover a new age generation of Italian cuisine including innovative Napoli-style tapas dishes.

081 Pizzeria serves a selection of carefully hand-picked pizzas boasting a light dough with an airy, soft and perfect pillowy crust. The menu features delicate pizzas with a wide range of classic toppings alongside some unusual combinations, all made with delicious fresh ingredients imported straight from Italy. 081 Pizzeria is proud to source its ingredients from Italian artisan suppliers for the pizzas and sides and works with local suppliers for the ‘Weekly Specials’.

The menu boasts plenty of pizza options from the Classic Margherita, Truffle Mushrooms, Diavola and Maradona, as well as its signature ‘081 Pizza’ and the ‘Napoli RMX’. 081 Pizzeria is one of the UK’s first pizza concepts to serve ‘Neapolitan tapas’ – boasting a selection of small tasty snacking dishes inspired from Naples, but with new recipes and garnishes. One of the dishes is the ‘Frittatina’ – Deep Fried Italian MacNCheese with Minced Meat and ‘Arancina’ – Deep Fried Rice Ball filled with Bolognese, and more. To wash down the food, 081 Pizzeria has the perfect pizza pairing; a selection of cold craft beers or an Aperol Spritz, along with a choice of soft drinks.

Founded by one of the owners behind Bravi Ragazzi, arguably South London’s best Neapolitan pizza spot, 081 Pizzeria is bringing an authentic Neapolitan-style pizza concept to London, combining a taste of cultural heritage with a modern approach. 081 Pizzeria is the brainchild of Andrea Asciuti, an Italian pizza connoisseur and chef with a fiery passion for pizza who believes Naples is the spiritual home of Neapolitan pizza. Andrea wanted to bring that same pizza mindset from Naples to London whilst changing the perception of the typical Italian pizzerias found in the capital. Influenced by street style and hip hop music, 081 Pizzeria’s aesthetic is funky, youthful and gritty with its motto ‘Pizza Is a Serious Thing’ – encapsulating the intricacy, technique, knowledge, and mastery required to make a good Neapolitan pizza.