3rd Rail Print Space at Peckham Levels

Our dream is to build a comprehensive print hub and modern learning environment capable of facilitating everyone from curious novices to seasoned print professionals.

London’s biggest open access screen printing facility combining paper and fabric printing with studio and desk space.


3rd Rail is a multifaceted screen printing studio with over 10 years experience providing a spectrum of services including garment printing and customisation, fine art editioning, live print and an online garment pre-sale platform.

3rd Rail Print Space is the result of our passion for all things print and commitment to increasing education around and accessibility to the medium.

The 4000sqft facility in the heart of Peckham will combine paper, fabric and garment printing making 3rd Rail Print Space the biggest open access screen printing studio in London.

Why we exist.

We love screen printing but it’s not the most accessible medium often requiring a whole range of specialist equipment to achieve a professional finish. 3rd Rail have been operating as a commercial studio for over 10 years but we started out renting a t-shirt carousel in an open access studio. We would love to offer a new wave of creatives the same opportunity.

Over the years we’ve managed to perfect some pretty experimental techniques and are really excited about the possibility of exchanging and sharing ideas with people who are just as passionate as us.

What about memberships?

A standard monthly open access membership will include 50 screen printing hours which can be booked into any of the 3 main printing areas (paper, t-shirts or fabric) in 3 to 5 hour slots. If you find you need more time there will be the opportunity to buy top up sessions.  Our studio hours will be 8am to 10pm.

If you’re new to screen printing we’ve developed a range of 1 day workshops to get you up to speed. You’ll be able to book into either a paper, fabric or t-shirt printing classes depending on where your interests lie. Initially these workshops will be held on Saturdays with the view of introducing weekday options a few months down the line.