Jon Enoch Photography at Peckham Levels

Jon Enoch Photography produce imagery for a range of clients such as advertising agencies, design firms, charities, corporate clients and magazines. They take on as much or as little as clients require and can incorporate all aspects of shoot production from location finding, styling, prop hire and model sourcing, as well as the art direction itself.

The Story

Jon started working as a photographer in local newspapers after leaving University. He eventually based himself in London working primarily for The Times newspaper. Jon’s work slowly transitioned away from hard news to features and, in time, a specialism in people and portraiture developed. These days Jon works for a range of clients, primarily in the design and advertising sectors, taking pictures of people in studio and on location.

The People

There is Jon, who primarily focuses on the image creation and production. There is also Justyna, who deals with all aspects of outreach and oversees promotion and marketing. James, their agent, focuses on new business in the advertising sector.

Why Peckham?

Jon lives in Peckham so Peckham is very close to him: physically and emotionally! There is a life to Peckham that spills over into Jon’s work and it’s both a fundamental and subtle element in what he creates. Peckham is a great place for the company to base themselves, with constant inspiration around every corner.

Your Hopes for Peckham Levels?

They are really looking forward to immersing themselves in everything Peckham Levels. For them, it’s going to be great to consolidate all of their operation under one roof, as in the past their production and marketing efforts have been split. They hope the project as a whole flourishes.