Luca Paulli at Peckham Levels

Luca is an animation director and designer. He works on commercials, music videos, TV series and short films. Clients include: Snapchat, Google, BBC. His work has a bold and colourful style, using familiar imagery juxtaposed into unusual contexts.

Luca has a bold and colourful style, using familiar imagery juxtaposed into unusal contexts. Both colour and shapes have key roles in his work.

Luca combines 3D, 2D, live action and photography with his distinctive character design to create his charming and surreal films.

For his latest project Luca created a ‘fake’ brand of pill that gives you extendable arms. He then launched a series of animated gifs to promote the brand together with Instagram, twitter and facebook pages. You can watch the series at www.ugrow.me

The Story

Luca has been working in animation for over 10 years. He started out as freelance animator and compositor, working at various animation studios in London. And a few years ago he joined Picasso Pictures as one of their directors. He works both from his studio and in house on a variety of design and animation projects.

The People

Luca can create the visuals for a whole project from conceptual drawings to the final animation, and collaborates with composers and sound designers on the soundscape. If the schedule requires he can employes other freelancers too.

Why Peckham?

Luca lives in Peckham and is very excited about the potential of this new creative hub.

Your hopes for Peckham Levels?

Luca will use the studio as his main working place. He hopes to meet talented and committed artists and in the process to be inspired.