Doc Cotton at Peckham Levels

Doc Cotton‘s journey launched in 2018 as a sustainable fashion brand. Based in Peckham, we recently launched our Marketplace for customers to order pre-designed creations by designers.

The marketplace allows designers to launch their own store in minutes as Doc Cotton provide the framework for designers to apply their own prints to a range of pre-designed garments. The entire production process is managed by Doc Cotton, including the sourcing of fabric, digital printing and construction of the items to ensure the strictest sustainable and ethical practices are applied. All garments are handmade from 100% organic cotton in Peckham by seamstresses being paid in excess of the London Living Wage.

James Pickard, founder of Doc Cotton says “The fashion industry needs to evolve to a sustainable and ethical model. By providing a platform that allows any individual or business to easily design a sustainable clothing range, we aim to lead the backlash against fast fashion”.

Doc Cotton also allows customers to create bespoke printed garments using 100% organic cotton, in a bid to tackle fast fashion and all of which is handmade in Peckham. Easily customisable and made to order, customers essentially build their own wardrobe. The product range is extensive, offering kidswear, unisexwear, menswear and womenswear. Individuality, customisation and sustainability strongly remains at the forefront of our ethos and process when it comes to sustainable fashion. The manufacturing of our products and organic cotton in the UK is a strong focus for Doc Cotton, so we can overlook our method and ensure our production process is as sustainable as possible.