Boxwallah at Peckham Levels

As a first-generation Brit, Abhinav vividly remembers a younger self that ventured away from India with a dream in his eyes, and hope in his stride. His passion for food landed him a lucrative career in the glitzy streets of the fine-dining hub, Mayfair. Abhi’s relationship with his food grew, and in doing so, he somehow always found himself in the kitchen. Observing the chefs with curiosity and an eager desire to imitate everything that he had learned there, he began experimenting at home with friends and family.

Food is the core of all strong relationships, be it friends or family. It is with this spirit of collective nostalgia, presented with one ingredient at a time, that Abhi presents Boxwallah to Peckham. He has carefully curated dishes influenced by what he enjoyed during his childhood, combined with his skills learned through culinary school in Lucknow.

A long-forgotten word of the Colonial period, ‘Boxwallah’, has appeared in Rudyard Kipling’s works and refers to Indian peddlers selling street food to the memsahibs. And just like this, he brings to you mouth-watering Indian dishes that are reminiscent of his past…