Brother Film Co. at Peckham Levels

Brother Film Co. are a video production company founded by three brothers – Marcus, Luke and Hugo Ellingham.

Brother Film Co. create online and branded content, commercials and music videos for clients that have included Red Bull, McLaren, Nike, Deliveroo and Dr Martens.


With state-of-the-art equipment, talented collaborators and a creative eye Brother Film Co. have been making cutting-edge work since 2012. They offer a comprehensive service, from pre-production and storyboarding all the way through to sound design and music composition.

Their business began to form as young kids, making skate videos on a VHS camera in the deepest Kent. Fast forward to 2012, and they were still terrible at skating but thankfully their filmmaking had improved – they decided to begin Brother Film Co. and see where they could get to. And we’re so happy they did!

It was a very gradual process, initially creating videos for businesses of friends and family, but with a few lucky breaks the boys began to build up a solid client base and showreel. Since then they have built up experience in the action sports, automotive, festival and fashion sectors in particular, and are very excited to continue their story within Peckham Levels.