Evah Kale at Peckham Levels

Bespoke handmade jewellery made with semi – precious stones and crystals.

In conjuncture with my love of fine art and jewellery and after various trips around the world, I sought to find a way to amalgamate my two favourite pastimes. In doing this, I found a way to create effortlessly timeless, elegant pieces of work. The Evah Kalé collection seeks to blend together a variety of charm, cutlure and class. Evah Kalé jewellery first launched in 2010 and was sold in individual bespoke boutiques around London.

Most of our jewellery is from a variety of numerous precious and semi-precious stones stones combined with a wide range of various metals. Our exclusive Gold collection is authentic Brazilian gold plated jewellery designed by Evah Kalé. Our beaded jewellery and Gold collection bring a blend of contemporary exquisite and suave necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Due to the fact that all of the pieces are hand-made, Evah Kalè offers clients the chance to create their own one-off piece personally tailored to their own requirements, turning individual unique ideas into reality.

The Story

I started making jewellery back in 2008, after an amazing trip to Dubai. Over the years, I’ve started and stopped due to family and financial issues. But this year, my mum and I promised ourselves that we were going to give our passion the effort that it deserves. This brings me to the fateful day I was walking back home from Peckham and saw the flyer for Peckham Levels and I just knew life was going to change.

The People

The business started with just myself creating designs and my mum jumped on board about 7 years ago and brought new dynamics designs to our portfolio.