Gravitize at Peckham Levels

Following 8 years working with live music acts, corporations and a host of live production companies, entrepreneur Bertie Styles was convinced there’s a better way to deliver bespoke events that are authentic, stimulating and memorable.

In early 2019, Gravitize was born, a vision to help brands and agencies host experiences that are focussed, forward-thinking and stand out in a market of predictability.


At Gravitize, our projects share a common DNA:

we prioritize relationships built on trust where we all feel listened to and thrive through collaboration
Agile and Innovative:
we champion experimentation, intuition and adaptation as we embrace technological advance in a changing landscape
we don’t adapt a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but challenge ourselves to engage audiences with our client’s message through unique concept-driven experiences
High-Resolution Detail:
as reliable delivery of content is crucial, we design industry leading systems that communicate the brand story with clarity, focus and impact

Our Philosophy

We believe the most authentic human connection is found in shared experience. Relevant brands stimulate customers through the senses. We enable audiences to powerfully see, hear and feel your content.