Grey Griffiths Architects at Peckham Levels

Greys Griffiths are an RIBA chartered architecture practice.

We create considered and crafted buildings ranging in size from garden studios to large-scale urban projects.

We started our practice with the motivation to design great people-centric buildings. We are fascinated by the unique idiosyncrasies that every project presents.

We work best within sensitive contexts; existing buildings, urban environments, Conservation Areas, the Green belt or National parks, and we love finding intelligent ways to approach every project to create rich and carefully considered buildings.

Tom Grey and Michael Griffiths’ background in finding design solutions for complex urban sites in London gave them a great platform to launch their own practice in 2017. In the last year their work has included garden studios, new houses in the Green Belt, unique extensions, therefurbishment of a listed water mill, and sensitively designed affordable housing schemes at an urban scale. Work at varying scales and contexts is unified by their ability to connect with users of a building in order to create great places that enhance people’s lives.

Grey Griffiths’ philosophy is that each project is a unique opportunity with a unique set of parameters that must be carefully balanced. Careful consideration in addressing these parameters is what provides the impetus for the best solution. If a solution is not elegant in every sense, then it is not the right one.

Adopted South Londoners, Michael and Tom both have their own connection to Peckham and basing themselves here was a given. For them, Peckham is South East London’s town centre, a place where they see opportunity and find inspiration. Being part of Peckham Levels is already feeding their creativity, and being part of something bigger is providing a sense of community and a collaborative working ethos that is great for their practice.