Natalie Clarke Therapy at Peckham Levels

Natalie Clarke is an Integrative therapist specialising on working with people from the LGBTQIA+ communities, people in non-monogamous/polyamorous relationships, kink-identified people and sex workers.

Natalie Clarke is an Integrative therapist, synthesising a variety of approaches and modalities which she tailors depending on the individual client, their unique situation and what will be most supportive for them. Some key ways that she works include psychodynamic, person-centred and relational approaches. She is also influenced by body psychotherapy and attachment theory.

Natalie works with a wide variety of people, including queer people, trans people, sex workers, people who practice kink, people who have diverse relationship styles (including polyamory and relationship anarchy), people from working class backgrounds and people of colour. Natalie offers queer and trans friendly counselling, including for people of non-binary identities, and her therapeutic approach is influenced by queer theory and intersectional feminism. She is kink aware and understands that sex work is work. She works to be as anti-racist as possible as a white person.

Issues Natalie works with include: abuse, anxiety, bereavement, depression, trauma, stress, relationship breakdowns and conflicts, questions or issues around sexuality (including asexuality), questions or issues around gender, non-monogamy/polyamory, issues with family of origin, work problems, and coping with marginalised identities (due to race, sexuality, gender identity, gender presentation, disability status, sex worker status, neuroatypicality or class background).