Plantain Kitchen at Peckham Levels

Founded by Toby Oladokun who dragged his mother into the business who has over 20 years of culinary experience, Plantain Kitchen is a family owned business and one of the most unique west African street food brands in the UK. Plantain Kitchen brings you west African cuisine that combines Ghanaian & Nigerian cuisine to give you an experience and quality never experienced before.

Plantain Kitchen also known as ‘PK’ was founded in 2019 due to the lack of representation of west African cuisine that can combine branding, quality and a customer experience. Toby & his mother decided to take a leap of faith with a mission to create an impact in UK hospitality.

With a streamlined Grab & Go menu that consists of Jollof rice, Rice and beans (Waakye) Veg stew (Vegan) grilled chicken, slow cooked oxtail, suya prawns and This isn’t chicken pieces. Plantain Kitchen’s menu has the products that bring you the aromas and flavours of west Africa and also the adaptability for all dietary requirements.