Gravitize at Peckham Levels

Bertie Styles is a producer and mix engineer, helping artists develop and capture their music.

Bertie Styles runs a music production company, Pyramid Projects. He is a producer, musician and mix engineer based in South East London. Bertie works with artists to write, record and produce new music. Immersed in London’s music scene, he is relishing in the opportunity to work with established artists and those just starting out.


Bertie’s career in music has been crazy and exciting so far. He moved to London to study pop music performance in 2011. Three years at music college gave him the theory and technique he needed to communicate the ideas he had stored in his head.

He spent two years drumming with artists as a session player and freelancing in live sound. In 2016, he started his own live production company called Pyramid Projects, providing technical production for live events and system installations.

“I love to create music and I’m excited to see how being part of Peckham Levels can push my studio work and collaboration forward.”