SL Creatives Project at Peckham Levels

A social enterprise inspiring and supporting women into employment in South London.

S L Creatives Project is a Social enterprise that supports females of all ages in South London Boroughs. Our mission is to offer guidance and confidence into Employment and Apprenticeships.

SL Creatives Project provides assistance to Women looking for employment, it helps clients prepare for a confirmed interview, whilst styling them with a free workwear outfit to fill them with confidence and help land the job! They are firm believers of preparation and the power of fashion resulting in a positive outcome and a brighter future.

The feeling of being unfulfilled in a job and dreading Sunday evenings, and also being unemployed equally dreading Sunday evenings and watching the Monday commuters go to work, are both situations the founder and team members can relate to.

Coming from a Fashion Creative and Social Science background, Founder Charmaine Taylor loves to create but also understands we all have a social responsibility. So why not do both?

SL Creatives Project believes we all have something in common! We have all experienced unemployment in some capacity, along with the standard rejection emails and a sense that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Working in partnership with great organisations around South London they aim to reduce unemployment and provide opportunities, creating a positive ripple affect among the South London communities. It is important that young women also believe the world is their oyster and apprenticeships are an opportunity to figure out what route they want to go down. SL Creatives Project meets with apprenticeship schemes from Construction all the way through to Creative Industries, all ready to welcome all women into great schemes in South London.

Founder Charmaine Taylor born and bred in South London, and lived most of her life in Peckham. With so much talent in Peckham, it is a proud moment for the SL Creatives Project team to be based in the area they know and love. “Peckham has always been a place where everyone knows someone that can help you! The mix of cultures and the communities in Peckham has always been one of the best things that Peckham offers.”

SL Creatives Project hopes that being in Peckham levels will ensure all clients feel welcome to use their services. Being amongst talent members of Peckham levels is an exciting opportunity, and they hope to expand in Peckham Levels and continue to make a positive impact to the communities in South London.