Sarah Preece Studios at Peckham Levels

Sarah is a transdisciplinary practitioner. A materials-based abstract sculptor & an organisational developer.

Sarah is an artist at Peckham Levels where she undertakes her studio practice in abstract sculpture and furniture making primarily working with metal, wood, plaster and clay. She hosts MakingSpace workshops, offering people the opportunity to develop their creativity.  She is also running a quarterly version of the Tinkering Shed and Repair Café for the local community.

She is an Organisational Developer using her studio practice as a place of research into participatory, relational and situated practices.  The studio is a laboratory for this transdisciplinary intersection.

The Story

Sarah Preece Studio’s takes its first long-term home at Peckham Levels combining the strands of Sarah’s creative inquiry and artistic practice.

Sarah began as a sculptor and furniture maker 30 years ago working in both the South West and in London. Her deep understanding of materials and processes in the studio – the quality materials present, their intersection, and transformation, supports her more recent inquiry into organisational dynamics and group relations.

As a Creativity Researcher Sarah has deepened her on-going research through her MSc with the Metanoia Institute applying Gestalt and Complexity Theory to her work supporting individuals, teams and organisations to access their full potential.

The People

Sarah Preece – Artist, Inquirer, Organisational Developer, Workshop Facilitator

Frances du Pille – Everything else

Why Peckham?

I live, eat, shop, create and am inspired by Peckham. It is a rich and diverse place with a connected, artistic community.

Your Hopes for Peckham Levels?

Make strong links to the community. To be a significant contributor to one of the cultural venues in London. To further develop my own practice.