South of the River Pictures at Peckham Levels

Olivia Coleman and Ed Sinclair launch new production company South of the River Pictures.

Olivia Colman, Actress and Executive Producer for South of the River Pictures said: “I love Ed’s scripts, which is just as well as he cooks many of my meals. No, the truth is it’s quite rare to be desperate to play a part on the first reading of a script, but that was the case here. The writing is brave, but subtle and tender too – a joy for any actor.”

Academy Award and BAFTA winning actor Olivia Colman (The Crown, The Favourite) and screenwriter Ed Sinclair (Landscapers) have set up their own independent scripted production company, South of the River Pictures with co-founder, Tom Carver. South of the River Pictures will see the co-founders combine their unique skills and collective industry expertise to deepen existing creative relationships and seek out new collaborations as they aim to tell authored stories to audiences around the world.

The first project from South of the River Pictures will be Landscapers, written by Sinclair in his first television screenplay, for Sky Atlantic and HBO. Produced by Sister in association with South of the River Pictures, Landscapers is a visually inventive, darkly funny dramatisation of the lives of convicted killers Susan and Christopher Edwards, directed by Academy Award winner Alexander Payne (The Descendants, About Schmidt, Sideways) and staring Colman as Susan Edwards.

Ed Sinclair and Olivia Colman say:

This is a real step into the unknown for us, but we’re so thrilled to have the opportunity. It’s an exhilarating time for drama generally, and South of the River adds a hugely exciting autonomy and reach to our existing creative relationship. We’re determined to take risks and wander off the well-trodden path, so we’ll no doubt make some mistakes. But we’ve been reading scripts together for 25 years and trust each other’s instincts implicitly. We hope that by being true to those, and by protecting the vision of the writers and creators we collaborate with, we’ll tell some amazing, enthralling and thought-provoking new stories, and create some really wonderful comedy and drama for telly and film.