Stuff and Fings | Ceramics at Peckham Levels

‘Stuff and Fings’ was borne out of my love for tinkering with, well, ‘Stuff and Fings’.

Playing with textures and shapes, art and design, experimentation and fun are at the core of all things, ‘Stuff and Fings’.  


Having studied ‘Surface Pattern Design’ at Jacob Kramer college in Leeds, clay was never a medium I’d ever seriously considered, until recently.  On leaving college I worked for many years in the Music Industry, I was also  freelance clothes stylist, made jewellery, learnt to crochet (who hasn’t?), recycled kids chairs, drawn murals on friends walls, designed t-shirts (my first straight out of college, was used on a world tour)…the list continues.  

As a mother (to a now 7 year old), looking for something new to get my teeth into. I absolutely fell in love with clay on my first pottery taster workshop. Ever since then, it’s been full steam ahead.

Becoming a member of ‘Ceramic Studio’ – under Susi and Nam’s guidance – they provided me with a space to develop and grow, enjoying the freedom of the endless possibilities that hand-building with clay opens up. Now I am able to help those who would like to take their first endeavour in to working with clay.


My work is decorative, sculptural and sometimes functional. I enjoy the absurd, the quirky and pushing to see where the creativity takes me. Have a look at the “Workshops” section on my website to find out more about the workshops currently available.