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Help us on the next stage of the journey.

Peckham Levels Open Future


As well as being home to over 100 local enterprises, Peckham Levels is your open public space to use, create and explore in. As we see it, we are on a journey together to continually develop the space with all the communities in and around Peckham so that it properly reflects their needs and drives local enterprise. As we come up to our second birthday, we’re kicking off the Open Future project to envision the next leg of our journey – and to do that we need visitors, local people and our members help us to define and plan the next two years.


We want Peckham Levels to continuously reflect its surrounding communities in every way it can. It must become a vessel for the amazing local talent to express itself. We have big plans for the next two years of the project, but need your input to guide us. Open Future is about getting your opinions, ideas, gripes, loves and visions for what this amazing iconic building can grow up to be. We have made our first steps (and a couple of missteps if we are honest), and now we want to boldly begin to realise the potential of Peckham Levels within Peckham, Southwark and beyond.


We want to hear from you so you can tell us the stuff you love, the stuff you don’t like, and the new stuff you want to see at Peckham Levels. Use any of the channels detailed below to send in your thoughts.

Whichever channel you use, we would love to have your thoughts, good or bad, and include them in our process to plan the next two years of Peckham Levels, and help us deliver the Peckham Levels that Peckham needs and deserves.

Many thanks,

The Peckham Levels Team