Remi Rough for Peckham Levels

Here’s what happens when Peckham based artist Remi Rough comes to Peckham Levels.

Last week we welcomed Remi Rough to Peckham Levels to work on a brand new mural. Taking over the underpass that leads visitors from the main entrance of Peckham Levels via the alleyway, through the car park to Cerise Road, you can’t miss it!!

Remi is a Peckham based street and graffiti artist, known and respected both locally and internationally, Remi’s work gives bold, bright, graphic bursts of colour and light to the streets. Some of pieces can be found around East Dulwich, Paris, Morocco, Gambia and most recently Hong Kong.

Here’s what the underpass looked like at the beginning of last week….

And here’s Remi working night and day, giving the much needed town centre car park some TLC…

We couldn’t be more delighted with the end result, come and see for yourself!

Our hope is that this mural marks the start of things to come. We’re always on the hunt for more local artists and collectives to take over our walls and ramps over the next few years, reflecting one of our core purposes, that the Peckham Levels project will become what you make of it!