Rye Here Rye Now celebrate their 2nd Birthday at Peckham Levels

We caught up with Rye Here Rye Now ahead of their second birthday celebrations…

We’re very excited to be partnering with Peckham Levels again for our Rye Here Rye Now 2nd birthday party! Join us for this special edition of RHRN on Wednesday the 18th of September from 7pm, featuring lots of birthday fun including Doodle Talks, an interactive, sketch-and-learn talk series led by local, creative community Drawing People Together.

Speakers include:

Gloria Bertazzoni & Lisa Goff of Ladies, Wine & Design

Bethan Thomas, Collage Crew

Avalyn Kasahara, Future Strategy Club

Indi Davies, Lecture in Progress

Lorraine Liyanage, Dulwich Music Festival

Matt Weatherall, Special Guest

Heather Iqbal, Do That Thing

Tracey Francis & Else Thomson, Women in Film SE15

These outstanding creative community leaders will be talking about their work and sharing their insights on how they set up and continue to run their creative platforms. You can learn how to get involved too. The twist is that you will be invited to observe and draw the speakers as they share their stories.

Peckham Levels, the perfect place for our party

Our community member Lorraine Liyanage previously hosted the really successful Rye Here Rye Now lunchtime talk series at Peckham Levels, where she invited local creatives to speak about their work. So it felt like the perfect venue for our birthday party. Working with Jacob and Laura at Peckham Levels has been brilliant so we are really looking forward to the event.

A little bit about our journey

Rye Here Rye Now was started in 2017 by us (Miho Aishima and Kat Garner), graphic designers who are based in the local area. After running into each other at design events in other parts of London, we decided that we needed a get-together based in Peckham, a hub of creativity. We wanted to champion creativity in Peckham and South London and to provide a relaxed space where creatives across the industry could meet. The ethos is to create a space which is inclusive to people from all creative disciplines free from the intimidating network-vibe that you sometimes find at other networking events. The monthly nights are loosely themed and have covered topics such as ‘Going freelance’, ‘Juggling side projects with a day job’ and ‘Creating the perfect portfolio’.

Over the past two years, we have met such an amazing group of people and are really proud of the community that we have built. Within the community, people have made new friends and connections that have really impacted our lives and theirs. People have changed careers, graduated from uni, found new jobs, collaborated with each other, set up new groups, put on exhibitions together and found meaningful connections all through our monthly, local meet-ups.

Local impact

Sometimes it can be difficult to organise, promote, host and run an event whilst working at our full-time design jobs but the journey has been really worthwhile. Hearing stories from our members about how the community has enabled them to meet new friends, find new job opportunities or even helped them to feel confident around new people has really been wonderful.

Local collaborations

Rye Here Rye Now has also collaborated with many other local, creative communities – including: our monthly events at John the Unicorn, a talk series hosted by Lorraine Liyanage at Peckham Levels, an event at Tate Modern with Pempeople at last summer’s Southwark Untold, Peckham Festival and at the UK-wide Great Get Together earlier this year.

Rye Here Rye Now has been covered by Time Out and It’s Nice That. We have also written about working in creative industries for Lecture in Progress.

Our second birthday will be a celebration of the creative scene that RHRN exists for, with plenty of excitement to mark the occasion! Get involved and join our community!

Get your free ticket to their 2nd Birthday Party here.