How to do small business PR from home

We spoke to Peckham Levels Member PR Dispatch to get some advice on how small businesses can maximise their PR opportunities whilst working from home…

With so much uncertainty in the air for all small businesses, prioritising your PR is more important than ever. Consumers might not currently be in the ‘shopping mindset’, however, if you capture new and potential customers now they’re likely to visit your website and buy from you when things resume back to normality again. 

Whether you’re a designer or run an online lifestyle store, here we share some tips on how to do PR during this time to help maximise your presence. 

Be proactive and reactive

While it’s not business as usual for anyone, the press is still working showing their support for indie brands, makers and small businesses. A few print publications have gone digital including Stylist and TimeOut and editors are shifting their focus so that the articles they feature are both sensitive and relevant. 

Indie businesses are being featured more than ever so make sure your brand is seen by staying on the radar of relevant publications and editors. Interact and engage with press via Instagram and check the #journorequest hashtag on Twitter daily. The press wants to hear real-time stories, experiences, tips, comments and product suggestions from small businesses and many will be turning to social media requesting specifically what they’re looking for. 

Have you made any of your workshops online? Communicate this to press and to your customers. And don’t forget about local publications, smaller and niche publications and newsletters. 

Tailor your content and your pitches 

With press keeping their current topics relevant to what’s going on at the moment, it’s equally as important that you do the same in your pitches and across your marketing. A few trends that we’re noticing are:

  • Ways to create a cosy home office environment
  • Home decorating ideas
  • How to keep entertained and busy while being at home
  • Tips and ideas for DIY projects and your garden
  • Gifting; how to spread some joy to your loved ones whilst stuck at home

Think about how your product is relevant or how you can make it relevant at this particular time and communicate this to the press and to your audience. The more relevant angles you can tap into for press, the more likely it is that they will feature you. Monitor what publications are talking about and tailor your focus accordingly. 

Aside from online publications, most print publications also have digital counterparts and sections meaning that you can easily stay up to date on the most recent features and make a note of who’s compiled them. Magazine subscriptions like Readly will allow you to access a large number of publications ranging from crafts to fitness. 

Use your voice to support others

Never has it been more important to support your fellow brand owners. Whether that’s through a blog post, an email marketing or an Instagram Story. Your voice is much more powerful than you think and by championing other makers or indie businesses they’ll likely do the same in return. A great opportunity to put the spotlight on talented creatives while increasing your own awareness. 

Who are PR Dispatch?

Peckham Levels Member PR Dispatch is a PR membership platform dedicated to the success of product-based businesses by giving them the contacts, tools and confidence to DIY their own PR. They have made their PR Power Hour and webinar free during this time to give you as much relevant advice and content to help do your own PR.