The Making Of | Remi Rough Mural

You’ve probably seen the new mural from Peckham based artist Remi Rough that’s taken over the ground floor of Peckham Levels. Well, now you can watch him in action.

We hooked up with local video producers ‘My Dad’s Bigger Than Yours’ to create this ‘making of’ film with artist Remi Rough. Check it out and come and see the hottest new street art in SE15 for yourself.

“I am extremely happy to have my work at ground level of Peckham Levels. Partly because it’s at the root of the project and so many people will see it and because it’s an honour to be part of something so creative and groundbreaking in my own area.

The work itself is mainly a selection of primary colours as I find the simpler the colour range the more engagement you can have. Everyone loves primaries.”