Top Tips for Freelancing in South London

As a creative hub that’s packed with freelancers working hard on every Level – we thought we would pick the brains of Peckham Levels freelancers and share their top tips for making self-employed life work…

Here’s what our Peckham Levels freelancers recommend:

  1. Get into a routine. Working from home may sound rosy, but it soon loses it’s shine when you realise you’ve only spoken to the cat in over 10 hours! Get into a routine, whether that involves working from local cafés, spaces like Peckham Levels, or just leaving the house to go to the gym.
  2. Surround yourself with other people in your position so that you can support each other. We’re not all experts at everything. Accept the fact that you can’t do everything yourself, and utilise the power of delegating. How is your time best spent?
  3. Network and connect as much as possible. “Being in a co-work space like The Ramp is essential for me to share energy and ideas. I would go mad at home by myself!” says Nicola. Local networking is key for the boring stuff, such as finding accountants, lawyers and insurers. Ask friends and fellow freelancers for recommendations – smaller companies will have your back in the long run and it’s nice to support each other and the local economy.
  4. Start your day with a daily to-do list. What do you want to achieve and by when? This will help you to focus and also gives a great sense of accomplishment as you tick things off!
  5. Keep track of how you spend your time each day. As a freelancer, time is money! Keeping a note in your diary will help you to see where you can be saving time or making more money. Small changes each day add up.
  6. Take regular breaks. It’s easy as a freelancer to never leave your laptop. After all, many of us get paid for the job, not by the hour! Studies have found that our focus begins to dwindle after just 30 minutes – so work hard for those 30 and then take a short active break. Go and make a cup of tea or take a walk outside, or grab a fellow freelancer and have a game of table tennis!
  7. Don’t work for free. Freelancers typically undervalue their time and skills and also feel obliged to bend over and go way above and beyond what a client expects (or deserves). Don’t do anything for free unless you are prepared to do so and are happy to! The higher you value yourself, the higher your clients will value you.
  8. Find out what motivates you. Whether that’s buying a lovely coffee on your way to a co-work like The Ramp, or treating yourself to lunch from the street food kiosks here after a morning of work! That small expense will get you out of bed, get you motivated, help you to connect with more people and ultimately increase your productivity and therefore earnings.
  9. A change of scenery can do the world of good. Find places that you can work for free (like Level 6 of Peckham Levels!). Grab a table, get a £1 bottomless coffee from The Crow’s Nest and get set up for the day.
  10. Socialise. Freelancing can be isolating – unless you’re working from a co-work you don’t have an office full of buddies to go for lunch with or make a cup of tea with. Working from home, as tempting as it might be, compounds this. Get out! See friends, go to networking events, freelance meet ups… join a sports team. As a freelancer you’re automatically part of a huge community of co-workers, you just need to find out where they are!
    We’re inviting all freelancers to come and work from Level 6 of Peckham Levels for free!

We have Wifi, loads of brand new sockets, tables and chairs, lunch deals from £5 Wed-Fri 12-4pm, bottomless filter coffee for £1 from The Crow’s Nest all day long, and amazing veggie food from LEVELSIX Yoga Café. Our doors open at 10am daily.

Thanks to the following Peckham Levels Members who contributed to this blog:

· Laura Davies, Host at The Ramp Co-Work and freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

· Nicola Hughes, Lingerie Designer at Bold Intimates

· Dave Cuvelot, Illustrator & Designer at Astronomika

· Tom Dimond, Co-Founder of Salkan

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