What would you do with extendable arms?

Things You Can Do With Extendable Arms is the hilarious new project from Italian London-based animation director and Peckham Levels member, Luca Paulli.

The series of animated Gifs, created as a campaign to promote a fake brand of pills ‘Ugrow‘ explores the perks and fun of having extendable arms.

The project developed on a dedicated web page at www.ugrow.me and a range of social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram where fake Ugrow users around the world share their pictures.

Using a bold and colourful style each Gif is filled with humor and explores charming and funny situations where extendable arms can be used to an advantage.

The main purpose of this project is to entertain but it also has a serious side. Looking deeper into the concept it aims to provoke a reflection on our society and how we define ourselves through acts of consumption in an increasingly attention-seeking culture.

Now after a year in the making the series has been turned into a short film that will screen at film festivals around the world.

But that’s not all! Luca is looking for funding to create an exhibition built on the concept. The idea is to create an interactive and playful installation where people can experience some of the many things they could do with extendable arms – watch this space!!!

For now though, here are some more Gifs to enjoy….

A little more about Luca:

Luca is an animation director. He was born in Italy where he studied modern literature before moving to the UK to complete an MA in character animation at Central Saint Martins. Since then he has been working in advertising on commercials, title sequences, TV series and online campaigns for a host of clients including Snapchat, Google and the BBC. One of his shorts ‘Breaking the Mould’ won the DepicT audience award at Encounters Film Festival.

He works from his studio at the new Peckham Levels. He is represented for commercial work by Picasso Pictures.